Wedding nails: 7 best ideas that will always be in fashion

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The wedding nails are an important part of the bride's look. Classic French, perfect nude, with pearl wax or gold decor? The most interesting options are collected in our review.

7 best ideas that will always be in fashion

A wedding is an exclusive day for any girl, the beauty preparation for which becomes one of the most responsible tasks for the bride. Special attention should be paid to manicure, which, with the right design and quality performance will be a spectacular detail of the wedding image.

7 best ideas that will always be in fashion

Together with the fashion-blogger Maria Kitsova, we selected the best nail-ideas that are definitely worth taking note of.

7 best ideas that will always be in fashion

Let's start with the classics - the nude manicure. A subtle nude shade that won't draw attention away from the beautiful wedding dress will be a good choice for the bride's beauty look. Visually, nails look delicate, natural and very feminine, with the nude providing a complete manicure look, without complicating it.

Perfect Nude

The palette of shades gives a wide choice: from translucent whites to milky and soft pinks.

Perfect Nude

French manicure is the second classic on our list. This design is timeless and always on trend. French is an independent design, which can not be complemented by anything. It looks gentle and elegant.


The white color is necessarily associated with the classics of wedding manicures. For a light wedding design in white shades, materials such as glitter, crystal chips, rhinestones are perfect. This will create a dim, but still elegant contrast. Here you can advise a milk shade, which goes absolutely to all girls.


This design is suitable for brides who want to experiment, but without breaking the classic sound of the image. It is advisable to take a nude manicure or French and draw little hearts. The main thing is not to go overboard and make sure that the design looks neat and appropriate.


For the second year, the trend, which was set by Kim Kardashian, is still on. Now there are several options for performing such a design: you can use small pearls, which are attached with a drop of glue. You can use clear to attach the decor and glue for tips. There is also an option to use pearl wax - thanks to it, the nail shimmers in the light and creates the effect of a real pearl.


This design idea can also be offered to brides who want to experiment and still maintain an elegant look. Gold or silver accents in the manicure aesthetically combine with the wedding rings and together create an extremely harmonious image.

Golden Accents

This color was left for last - for the brightest and most daring brides. Lovers of experiments should not worry: in combination with a white dress red manicure will look on the contrast, favorably complementing the image.