Wedding Dress Codes 2023 - How to Dress for the Occasion

No matter the type of wedding, the dress code is an important element to consider. Making sure that you’re dressed appropriately for the occasion shows respect and consideration for the couple, and it also helps create a beautiful atmosphere for their special day.

Generally, there are three main types of dress codes that you may encounter when attending a wedding: semi-formal, black tie, and casual. Here’s a breakdown of each one:


Semi-formal dress is the most common dress code for weddings, as it gives guests an opportunity to look their best while still allowing them to be comfortable. 


For men, this typically means wearing a dark-colored suit, though a light-colored one is acceptable, paired with a dress shirt, tie and dress shoes. For women, this could mean wearing a cocktail dress, a skirt and a blouse, or a nice jumpsuit. 

Black Tie

Black tie dress code is typically reserved for more formal weddings and is included on the invitation if that’s the case. For men, this means a tuxedo with a white dress shirt, a black bow tie, and dress shoes. Women should wear a long evening gown, or a more formal cocktail dress.


Casual dress code is usually reserved for more informal weddings, such as beach weddings or backyard ceremonies. For men, this typically means a dress shirt, khakis, and dress shoes. Women can wear a nice dress, skirt and blouse, or a jumpsuit. 

No matter the dress code, it’s important to follow the instructions provided and to take into consideration the other guests. Make sure to dress in a manner that is respectful and appropriate. 

Do your best to look your best and make sure that you feel comfortable as you celebrate the happy couple.