Wedding Cakes – What’s Trending in 2022?

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Some believe that gatherings will continue to be intimate; and, as result, we will continue to see small, one- or two-tier cakes. However, there will also be the other extreme for those who are ready to put the pandemic behind them by having huge celebrations with large, towering (think seven- to nine-tier) cakes.


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As with social distancing, so goes the wedding cake. Multiple separate cakes with differing flavors and designs are expected to be popular. Some have even suggested that serving a mini-cake per guest will also be a trend.

More than one

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We will probably see more confection and pressed flowers adorning wedding cakes.


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Chocolate and vanilla are standard flavors that never seems to go out of style. And, while a spice cake is also a popular alternative, red velvet remains one of the top choices.


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Cake displays will be enjoying a new era of creativity. Gone are the simple gold cake stands. Enter cake swings, hoops, arbors, and arches decorated with feathers, pampas grass, florals, and more.


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