Wedding Cake Trends For 2022

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Flowers are beautiful throughout the wedding and couples are decorating their wedding cakes with flowers as well. Only certain types of flowers can be used with food. Edible flowers create a beautiful accent when pressed into the buttercream. Flowers a beautiful look to celebrate couples who love nature, flowers and gardens.

Edible Flowers

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If you’re not quite into edible flowers you may opt for a wedding cake decorated with painted flowers, especially with foil details to add an even more elegant look to your cake. Cakes decorated with floral painting can be bright and colorful or elegant and regal, depending on the style and colors you choose. 

Floral Painting 

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Wafer paper can be turned into just about any type of flower you can imagine and they give you more wedding cake options plus a budget-friendly design compared to edible flowers or elaborate floral designs. 

Wafer Paper Flowers

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Pressed, dried flowers are another way to incorporate real flowers into your cake. They can give a very vintage look to your wedding cake, and there are many types of flowers you can use this way. 

Pressed Flowers

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Another way to make your wedding cake look regal and elegant is to add white sugar pearls that add a little bit of sparkle and shine to the look. You can add a lot or only a few depending on your personal style. 

White Sugar Pearls

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If you have a specific design that you really want for your cake you can have your wedding cake custom painted. This gives you more design freedom and options, letting you create a unique style that is exclusive to your wedding. Watercolor designs are a trendy way to give a custom-painted look to your cake.

Custom Painting

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Keeping things classic and a little simple is a classic wedding cake trend. A plain white cake with smooth buttercream accented with just a few fresh flowers and/or berries is a classic choice especially going in warmer climates. 

Sweet and Simple

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Smaller weddings are a recent trend, and as a result wedding cakes are smaller too. That means couples choose to make their cake a true showstopper with complicated multi-tier cakes, more elaborate designs plus a lot of creativity. 

Dynamic Looks

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