Top Trending Wedding Cake Ideas For Your Big Day

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Earthy wedding cakes are one of the top trending wedding cake designs this wedding season, and if you are planning a fall or boho wedding, this is a gorgeous route for you to take!

1. Earthy Wedding Cakes

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Instead of flowers made out of icing, brides are adding real flowers to their cakes and they aren’t holding back! If you like authentic and gorgeous floral designs, opt out of icing flowers and add real flowers!

2. Floral Wedding Cakes

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Incorporating unique fruits that bring extra pops of color and diversity to the cake is the next big thing!

3. Fruity Wedding Cakes

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Naked wedding cakes have been on trend for the last couple years and they aren’t going anywhere. Brides are in love with real and earthy feels in their wedding, so if you want to create a relaxed yet classy look, try the naked wedding cake!

4. Naked Wedding Cake

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If you’re a fan of the naked cake trend, you can take it even a step further! Layer your cake in icing, but keep the outside naked, this way you’re getting the best of both worlds, tasty cake with a little bit of icing!

5. Extra Naked Wedding Cake

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More and more brides are stepping away from traditional white and embracing colorful handpainted cakes.

6. Hand Painted Wedding Cake

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