Tips To Know How Much A Wedding Gift Should Cost

If you’re attending a destination wedding or a wedding where you’d foot your bills, then cut back on gifts. It’s okay if you don’t get a wedding gift especially after all the expenses made. Celebrating them is the main point.

Consider distance

Traditionally, the average gift cost is equivalent to how the couple spends on you. For instance, if the couple will spend $110 per head on food and drinks, then keep your gifts in that range.

Go traditional

If you’re going as a couple, you double the price. But bear in mind that the aim isn’t to pay back the couple. You’re simply getting them something as a celebratory gesture.

Go traditional

The average amount to spend on a gift is $100. You can go higher or lower to match your relationship.

Consider relationship

If you can’t afford the flashy registry gifts, pick smaller gifts to the tune of what you can afford. The thought put in gifts is what counts.

Your budget

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