The Pros And Cons of Chinese New Year Weddings

You wedding can also double as one huge reunion for both your family and friends! Send your “save the date” cards early enough to chope your family and friends on that special day. You might even want to really turn it into a reunion and provide a yusheng for each table. 

Double the celebrations

However, holding your wedding during the festival can also call for some disadvantages such as.

Double the celebrations

Chinese New Year is said to be the first few days of spring, an auspicious period of time and is also said to be a time of celebration, luck and new beginnings. Weddings held during this period will be on the receiving end of good luck and are also seen as a double celebration. 

Good luck

As most venues will tend to dress their spaces for the festivities, these beautifully decorated spaces can also double up as your wedding location. So if you’re going for an oriental wedding theme, don’t pass up on this opportunity! Although it may be cost-effective, do note that not all venues offer this option. 

Save costs on decoration

Being the festive period, the increase in floral varieties will provide you with more options for floral arrangements and wedding decorations. The best part? Some of these flowers only bloom during this period, giving you the opportunity to make your wedding a truly unique one. 

Increase of floral varieties

Because it is the Chinese New Year season, you may be expected to have at least one traditional outfit during your outfit changes. If you are flexible on this, then this won’t be a problem for you. But if you’ve always known what to wear for your wedding, you may need to make some comprises.

Outfit choices

While decorations may be complimentary, the venue rental and vendor services may come at higher costs. As this is the festive season, do expect venues to be booked up quickly and with the high demand and low supply, you can guess how this will affect venue rental fees.

Higher costs

Since this is a season of family get-togethers, do expect a lower turnout rate as your guests may be busy spending time with their loved ones. 

Lower turnout rate

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