The basic rules of wedding makeup

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1. Even if you never wear makeup, your makeup should be on this day. The image of a bride with a "bare" face and a wedding dress looks incomplete. Choose light makeup that will emphasize the advantages and make the face look photogenic.

2. Remember that wedding photos are memories to last a lifetime. What's trendy now will look ridiculous ten years from now, so don't chase the trends of the season.

3. Whether you will be outdoors or indoors, makeup in natural light is different than artificial light. If the wedding ceremony will be outdoors, it's better to do your makeup in natural light, such as in front of a window.

If the ceremony itself will be indoors, you should consider the type of lighting in advance - will it be a yellow lamp or a half-light in a candle-lit restaurant. The main thing is to avoid fluorescent light, which kills the freshness and beauty.

4. Flash photography brings out pink tones, so make sure it's evened out with a yellowish shade of foundation. Blush your makeup well, especially in the corners of your eyes, as the cameras make any unevenness in your makeup visible.

5. Avoid using tanning beds, exfoliators and scrubs the night before the party. Avoid SPF in your products, it can cause a white sheen in your photos.

6. Your skin should be in perfect condition. Your face should not have unevenness, pimples, dark circles under the eyes, and of course puffy bags. Take care of the condition of your face a few weeks before the wedding, watch your diet, sleep,

go outdoors more often, if your wedding is in the summertime, you can take sunbaths for a light tan.

7. Before you start creating your wedding makeup, make sure that the master uses professional cosmetics, only professional products can give you the confidence that your makeup will remain perfect, throughout the wedding ceremony and the festive buffet.

With professional makeup you will not be distracted to make sure that the mascara did not fall off, the shadow did not smudge, the tone on the face did not flow and the lipstick did not lose color.

8. Girls, if you still wonder how to make a wedding makeup by yourself, the recommendations about the selection of cosmetics remains the same, it must be professional, you can also use rhinestones to create a bright.

9. Remember that the makeup for the daytime ceremony should not be screaming, it must be harmonious. Evening look should be more vivid, you can make a juicy accent on the lips or give more expressiveness to the look.