Spring Wedding Guest Attire Tips for 2022

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You might be dying to wear your favorite summer cocktail dress, and that's fine. Just accessorize it with a warm shawl that you can drape around your shoulders, especially if any part of the wedding is outside.

Pack a shawl

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Sometimes, an outfit is all about the coat. If you'll be celebrating outdoors, opt for a simple spring wedding guest dress and up the wow factor in the form of a patterned or colorful coat to complete your look.

Grab a statement coat

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Spring sandals and strappy heels are adorable, but they won't keep your toes warm at a chilly garden wedding. Instead, stick to a pump or slingback that covers most of your foot. Odds are, they'll also be easier to dance in. Plus, if those spring showers roll through, you'll be set on that front too.

Pump it up

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As you may recall, Kate Middleton got married in April, and do you remember what her Alexander McQueen dress featured? Sleeves. Unlined lace sleeves like the duchess' will add a touch of warmth to your ensemble without overheating you. Plus, they're the epitome of elegance.

Rock a sleeve