Newest Wedding Trends 2023

Provenance provides a suite of tools that help customize wedding ceremonies, both culturally reflective and secular. 

Make custom ceremonies feel less boring

The company guides couples and non-clergy officiants through the ceremony planning process from start to ‘I do’ with a ceremony design tool that helps users construct the flow of a ritual;

Make custom ceremonies feel less boring

speech and vow writing support; and a curated library that provides cultural, legal, and logistical inspiration for weddings.

Make custom ceremonies feel less boring

Now, 55% of American weddings are officiated by a family or friend.

Family and friends are in

Not taking into consideration the cultural and faithful bounds of traditional ceremonies, Provenance has seen weddings shrink from an average of 60 mins to 15 -30 mins.

Shorter ceremonies

What’s more, Provenance is seeing an increasing uptick for ceremonies at just 16 minutes long.

Shorter ceremonies

As “getting ready” TikToks blew up, the next trend that’s about to be seen is “looking back on 2022” with highlight videos.

Doing it for the Tok vs for the gram

The separation of tradition is long gone as faiths are represented in a variety of ways beyond the “norm.”

Creating unity with interfaith/secular ceremonies

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