How to Plan a Destination Wedding in 2023

Having a budget is important for planning any type of wedding but especially so for destination weddings. Consider the upper limit you can afford to spend and the specific costs for which you’ll need to budget.

Set your wedding budget

Choosing guests for a destination wedding is important because you need to be fairly certain of how many people will actually attend. So think about whom you most want to attend and who is most likely to be able to come.

Plan the guest list

You may have a dream place in mind, but you should stop to consider whether it’s the right choice. For example, what will the weather be like when you plan to visit? Are there any travel restrictions to or from that destination?

Evaluate the destination

How easy will it be for guests to get there? If any are older or very young, can they handle the terrain? What is the exchange rate like?

Evaluate the destination

If you have travel points or miles you’ve accumulated from one or more rewards credit cards, consider the best way to use them to get maximum value. 

Apply travel points and miles

For example, they may be worth more when booking airfare or hotels than if you use them for rental cars.

Apply travel points and miles

Traveling to a destination wedding during the off- or shoulder season could be less expensive than during peak season, and you’ll also be able to avoid larger tourist crowds if you’re heading to a popular spot.

Get the timing right

Buying travel and wedding insurance could give you some peace of mind if you’re worried about potentially losing money due to circumstances beyond your control.

Consider travel or wedding insurance

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