How To Choose Your Wedding Color Scheme

Wedding color schemes can say a lot about you and your partner’s relationship and style. Are you yearning for a bright, bold, and energetic celebration or a more subdued and elegant atmosphere?

Your wedding color palette can also greatly influence the feeling of your venue and the clarity of your wedding theme. Nautical or beach-themed weddings often feature a prominent blue scheme. Rustic weddings on the other hand feature more naturalistic and lighter colors.

Deciding on your wedding color themes may also be dependent upon the season you’re getting married. Certain wedding color schemes have strong associations with different times of the year.

Having a maple, orange, and mustard color scheme may be perfect for fall, but not a great fit for a spring celebration.

As you begin to explore you and your partner’s wedding color palette ideas, remember to keep both your wedding theme and wedding date in mind. 

Once you decide on a color scheme that matches your tastes and styles, you can begin putting that beautiful color scheme to good use.

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