Easter Wedding Ideas for 2022

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Picture the pretty colors of your favorite ice cream and use them to create your color scheme. From soft green pistachio to romantic strawberry pinks, these are the perfect palette to complement your Easter wedding ideas.


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Your bridesmaids will look great in mismatched pastel shades or dressed up in chic vintage tea-party gowns. Your groom can also wear pastels, with a touch of yellow, blue, pink or green in his pocket square and tie.

Bridesmaids’ Dress

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Eggs make awesome table decor, wedding favors, and DIY embellishments. Moss bunnies and fresh fern sprigs add a perfect touch to this table.

Table Decor

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Incorporate an unbelievable level of cuteness in your wedding photos by having a photo shoot with bunnies. You can have bunnies, chicks, and other ‘pet farm’ appropriate animals without everyone thinking you’ve lost the plot.


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For an indulgent feel, throw in a decadent chocolate drip to your cake design. These can be created from milk, white and dark chocolate and colored or painted to create a metallic finish. An Easter wedding theme for cakes doesn’t only equal mini egg chocolate nests!


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