Celestial Wedding Theme 2023

Opt for a lunar style invitation suite with your zodiac signs or speckled galaxy on them. If you can afford it, incorporate a crystal per invite, and your guests will never forget the wedding.


If you and your spouse love astronomy or stargazing, an observatory is your ideal venue. Decorate it to the nines with a dreamy galaxy-inspired backdrop of swirling blue and gold hues.

Unconventional venues

Choose a moon style photo booth backdrop for a whimsical, and fairytale romantic weddings. This brings on the complete planetary vibe.

Photo booth

Decorate the venue with hanging star pendants and crescent moons. Name the tables after star constellations for a unique feel. Use cute shaped vases as centerpieces keep floral arrangements dreamy.


Add on some mirror stars on dark table linens to leave the guests starry-eyed. Finish with some geode accents leaving a mystical touch.


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