Bridal Wedding Nails’ Design Ideas for Your Big Day in 2023

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Are you the glittery glam type of bride? Take a look at these beautiful sparkly nail designs that will perfectly compliment your hair and wedding dress. You can glam up all your nails in sparkle or you can be more subtle and do every other nail in glitter.

Sparkling nail design for the soon to be bride

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Instead of having glitter nails, you can also choose to go with a more natural approach (maybe sneak in a nail or two with a fun design!). These nude and white nail designs will match with any dress!

Classic, simple and beautiful wedding nail designs

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Sticking with an updated classic nail design will always be a great choice for stylish brides! Refresh the typical french manicure by adding a hint of sparkle or gems. This nail design will never go out of style so it’s a safe route to take if you are undecided.

French manicure nail design ideas for the bride

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Ombre nails are a great way to incorporate your wedding colors into your manicure. You can be as subtle or as drastic as you’d like. The possibilities with this nail technique are endless! You can pick a matte nail design, you can add a hint of glitter or even 3D designs.

Geogeos Ombre bridal wedding nails