Best Summer Wedding Flowers For 2022

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Arguably one of the most in-demand wedding flowers, peak peony season is typically between May and June, making these beautiful flowers perfect for an early summer wedding bouquet. 


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Roses thrive in the sunshine, which makes them really pop during the summer months. While you can source roses year-round, summer is ideal for the most naturally fragrant and colorful varieties, like cabbage roses and heirloom roses.  

Garden roses

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While lavender will add a fragrant element to your summer wedding bouquet, this sun-loving flower is also popular for wedding centerpieces, boutonnieres, or even lavender-infused cocktails and foods (it's edible!). 


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Hydrangeas are a classic summer flower—chances are, you'll see them almost everywhere from early spring through early fall. They grow in a handful of colors, from green and white to blue, purple, and pink, depending on the type of soil. 


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As one of the only naturally blue flowers to exist, delphinium is especially pretty for a summer wedding bouquet, especially if you want a long-stem presentation bouquet. It looks similar to larkspur, which blooms in different colors including white and pink.