9 Quick And Easy Tips For The Perfect Wedding Ceremony

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Don’t be constrained by thinking that you have to have your ceremony in a church, registry office or stately home – be creative and decorate accordingly.


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Ensure you have a safe place for your guests to place their cards and small gifts. Set it up for the ceremony so your guests won’t have to hold these items throughout the service – it will add to your ceremony decoration, too.


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Have your guests take their seats from the outside of the pews and have a ribbon or sash tied across the top of the aisle, so that only the wedding party use the aisle on the way in. This is an especially good idea if you’ve got confetti or petals covering your aisle, that you only want the bride to walk on.


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Get multi-use from your wedding flowers. Ask your florist to design them so they can be used in the ceremony and in the reception afterwards. Also think about giving them away to relatives as gifts at the end of the night.


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Look for new and creative ways to communicate with your guests, such as light projection or giant light-up letters.


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It can be difficult to colour coordinate with a venue’s colour scheme. We always advise a simple cream carpet aisle runner, this will neutralise your room immediately and create the perfect runway for your bridal party.


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Add a personal touch to your ceremony styling by adding photographs of the bride and groom through the years, or perhaps pictures of your parents’ wedding days.


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Keep your wedding stationery theme consistent at your ceremony, with orders of service that match your table decorations.


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Less can be more in a beautiful venue with original features. Your venue may not need a huge amount of decoration, focus on accentuating what is already there.


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