8 Best Bridesmaid Dresses Color for 2022 Spring Wedding

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Looking for a wedding color that is natural and peaceful? Try deep sea hues! The classic neutrals fit anywhere and perfect for spring wedding.

Deep sea

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This elegant hue is universally flattering, and that’s why it’s one of our all-time favorite bridesmaid dress colors for spring weddings. Choose mix-and-match chiffon bridesmaid dresses in emerald color, then add ivory bouquets and something green color idea for an elegant look.


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This canyon rose wedding color will add romance and glamour to your special day. Everything loos so gentle and soft~

Canyon rose

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There’s no denying that dusty rose shades are popular for spring weddings, when paired with lighter shades, they’re mellowed out and romantic for a spring wedding.

Dusty rose

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Our windsor blue is a very dream slight blue shade. With its light tone, it brings a dreamy whimsical look to a wedding. Use with soft colors like earthy ivory wedding bouquets, let your spring wedding all thing looks space’s bright and comfortable.

Windsor blue

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Though we’ve seen purple tones being used mostly in fall wedding, you can also have it in any other season, especially in spring that your wedding have romantic look and so refresh.


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We’re calling this silver sage colors the green palette because it feels so refreshing. These colors would look great in all season—they’re punchy enough for a spring or summer wedding, but also toned down to match a fall or winter wedding theme.

Silver sage

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Avocado green is reserved for spring & summer—this spring wedding proved you can display them impressively during the transitional season.

Avocado green

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