7 Perks of Getting Married on Valentine's Day

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It's no secret that anniversaries often are forgotten by family and friends.  But a Valentine's Day wedding? It's sure to be remembered every year by all–even your (sometimes) forgetful spouse.

1. It's memorable

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This is a time of year when you can score some of the best deals on travel packages, jewelry, and more.  If you're not the most creative when it comes to gift giving, a February 14th anniversary will surely have plenty of gift inspiration flooding your email inbox.

2. Gift ideas are plentiful

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Assuming you're a couple who enjoys a night out to celebrate their anniversary, there's no shortage of things to do on Valentine's Day.  Practically every restaurant and hotel has something going on; even music venues often get in on the fun offerings.

3. It's an event

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While it's always exciting to shower your partner with gifts, it's even more enjoyable when you can do so in an affordable manner.  With many department stores, jewelers, and online retailers offering Valentine's sweetheart deals, this is the time to get him something he's been longing for if the price is right.

4. Sales

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As anyone who lives in a snowy climate will attest, getting out of town during February is good for any marriage.  While a weekend getaway may be too much of a production for a one-day holiday, an anniversary celebration somewhere warm is guaranteed to heat things up.

5. Winter getaways are good for your marriage

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A lot of couples think of Valentine's Day as a commercial holiday that doesn't feel authentic to who they are as a couple. Celebrating a wedding anniversary in conjunction with V-Day may make you feel more of a connection to the explosion of flowers, chocolates, and jewelry.

6. It feels more personal

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For anyone who's spent a Valentine's Day solo, it's easy to see the perk of knowing you've got a valentine forever (even if you never calll him that!).

7. You'll have a valentine for life

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