7 Delicious 2022 Wedding Food Trends Your Guests Will Adore

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When picking out food items with your caterer, it can feel overwhelming to decide which options are right for you and your guests. In 2022, more couples are adding on extra plant-based choices to go along with an increase in guests who are opting out of meat or enjoy having more vegetarian options.


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One wedding food twist that’s going to take over 2022 involves edible flowers. This garnish will not only be used in cocktails, but on cakes, salads, and other hors d'oeuvres as well. That will definitely stand out and attract your guests’ attention!


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If you want to opt out of expensive stations or passing around appetizers during cocktail hour, a new and popular option is to have a large grazing table. You can ask your caterer to include meats, crackers, cheese, nuts, pretzels, and anything that’s easy for your guests to devour before the reception.


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Rather than have a large wedding cake that can feed double the amount of guests you have there, food trucks are making a comeback in 2022. This time, the trucks are themed all around dessert! Couples are using the cash they’d normally spend on cake or a dessert bar for food trucks with their favorite sweet treats (ice cream, donuts, cupcakes, etc.).


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One special way couples customize their wedding is by planning the cuisine around the season. In 2022, rather than having a generic menu, they are working with food providers to source seasonal, local, and fresh ingredients.


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A fun and practical food trend for 2022 involves combining party favors with late night snacks. Rather than ordering pizza at midnight for guests, couples are packing up snack bags or to-go meals for people to grab as they head out and the big night comes to an end.


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