6 Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas That Go Beyond Dancing

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You don't have to be an astrology expert to enjoy an aura reading. When guests need a break from dancing, invite them to visit an astrologist or tarot card reader for something fun to do during your wedding reception. But beware—this fun wedding entertainment idea may result in lines longer than those at the bar.

Tarot Card Reader

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Bring the glitz of the Las Vegas Strip to your wedding reception with singers, dancers, acrobats or contortionists. An extravagant production is perfect for couples who want their wedding to leave a lasting impression.

Vegas-Inspired Performers

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Wedding entertainment doesn't have to be flashy to make an impact. Hire a poetry writer to capture your special day through poems written on the spot. Plus, custom poetry is a sentimental keepsake that'll preserve the best memories from your wedding.

Poetry Writer

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Liven up your wedding reception with a drag performance. You can even have your favorite queen officiate your ceremony for an unlikely surprise. We have a feeling guests will be obsessed with this unique wedding entertainment idea.

Drag Performance

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You'll get plenty of bang for your buck by hiring a live painter for your wedding day. It's a fun way to keep guests occupied during the reception—they'll want to watch the scene come to life on canvas while on their way to the bar or in between speeches. Plus, you'll get a custom portrait of your wedding at the end of the night.

Live Painter

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Incorporating your culture into your wedding day is one of the best ways to make it feel thoughtfully personalized. If you're searching for special wedding entertainment ideas, consider hiring cultural dancers. Guests will be captivated by a performance inspired by your heritage.

Cultural Dancers

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