5 wedding gift list trends for 2022

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As more couples have started to enjoy the outdoors due to lockdown restrictions, companies have seen a massive increase in sales on outdoor products. Add something to your wedding list which will enhance your outdoor experience. From pizza ovens for your garden, UK staycations, glamping experiences, fire pits and walking accessories, there’s something for every couple to enjoy.

1. Outdoor Items

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As eco-friendly weddings continue to increase in popularity, it’s no surprise to see couples opting for sustainable gifts too.  Whether it’s regifting an item as a family heirloom or a product made of recyclable materials, there are many gifts available to purchase for the eco-conscious.

2. Sustainable Gifts

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Health and wellness have become major priorities over the last few years and we’re sure many couples will be looking at gifts to help enhance this in 2022.  From yoga classes, self-help books and meditation apps, to vitamin subscriptions, essential oils, and spa escapes, there are so many gifts that you can add to your list ensuring a happy, healthy start to married life.

3. Encourage Wellness

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The Pantone colour of the year for 2022 has been announced as Very Peri and it’s already proving to be very popular with couples selecting homeware.  Think glassware, table pieces and ornaments to help bring this beautiful shade of violet into your marital home.

4. Very Peri

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As open plan kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, the kitchen has become the heart of the home, meaning more couples want the best gadgets and gizmos to show off their cooking skills.  Think statement knife blocks, coffee machines, stand mixers, non-toxic pans, and wooden serving boards.

5. Gadgets for Your Kitchen