5 Ways To Celebrate Your Engagement That Don't Involve A Huge Party

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If you want to have a party without the crowd and the venue, why not invite your closest friends over for dinner. You can pop the champagne and do everything you would at a bigger celebration but you're just spending it with the people who mean the most to you both!

1. Enjoy a dinner with close friends

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A lovely way to commemorate your engagement is visiting the spot where you first met and fell in love. If that's not possible, recreating your first date is also a lovely option for reminiscing about your relationship and everything that has brought you to this special moment.

2. Visit the place where you first met

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If your folks haven't met his, this is the perfect time to get the two families together for a celebratory meet-and-greet. There'll be so much excitement and goodwill, not to mention plenty to chat about with the wedding on the horizon!

3. Get your two families together for a night out

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This is the most loved-up time in your lives, you should definitely capitalise on that! Take a mini-break to a destination you've always talked about. Or better yet, go to New York or some far-flung destination to pick up the engagement ring!

4. Take a romantic trip

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Share your joy with some of your other couples friends by having them over for a games night. There'll be plenty of giggles plus you'll be able to cement your status as the number one couple by kicking their asses at Articulate!

5. Have a couples games night

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