5 Inspiring Ideas For A Whimsical Woodland Easter Wedding 2022

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When it comes to the ceremony, think of a simple outdoor altar and decorate with some luscious white fabric. Also, try using hydrangeas and white roses in your altar decorations. With the combination of natural greenery (and maybe some candles), you’ve got a fabulous reason to say ‘I do’!

1. The Ceremony

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It doesn’t take much to make an extravagant woodland wedding, especially when the woods are scenic enough. Considering the easter season, we suggest pastel tableware and decor surrounded by ferns and a floral garland as the table runner.

2. A Few Touches…

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What is more pretty than twinkle lights hanging from an enormous tree? Be super romantic and light up your Easter weekend.

3. Hanging Tree Lights

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Imagine having a reception outside in a forest with some comfy furniture. Just because your in the woods doesn’t mean you can’t have some cushy couches and cushions.

4. The Indoors Outdoors

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Every guest is a big foodie and all types of wedding food will bring people together. Try and think simple, incorporating basic sandwiches, tea and lots of cake will suffice (try to keep the bears away). A combination of sweet and savoury will always do the trick, and using tree stumps as the buffet can bring a majestic feel.

5. The Food!

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