5 Epic DIY Wedding Backdrops and Ideas

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Opt for a simple rectangular grid for a minimalist look you can dress up. You can purchase these grid walls on Amazon for a steal! From there, it’s just a matter of adding greenery and flowers to create the perfect DIY wedding backdrop.

Rectangular Floral Grid Backdrop

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We love a good circular wedding backdrop, and this grid is the perfect base you need to bring it to life and attach some statement florals! Circular grids have a softer look to them, so if you’re going for a soft, elegant backdrop, this is totally the way to go.

Circular Grid DIY Backdrop

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To bring this epic circular backdrop to life, you’ll need a gold hoop for your frame, your choice of florals, and several zip ties to secure the florals to the hoop. To achieve this minimal look, opt for a greenery-focused backdrop. Or if you want a super elaborate arch, cover the entirety of the hoop frame with your favorite florals!

Minimalist Single Statement Hoop Backdrop

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Grab some embroidery hoops or spray paint hula hoops for your base, then use floral wire or zip ties to attach the greenery. Just make sure your venue will help you sort out how to hang them!

Multiple Layered Hoops with Greenery

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We love the idea of a fairy light DIY wedding backdrop! It’s simple and elegant, and also SUPER easy to put together. If you’re planning an ethereal wedding, this wedding backdrop idea is perfection! Plus, wedding backdrop fairy lights are a total steal!

Twinkling Fairy Light DIY Wedding Backdrop

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