5 don’ts for choosing your wedding shoes

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Making sure you wear in those wedding shoes! This goes for brides and grooms to be. Make sure you have worn in your shoes! You don’t want to get to the wedding day and have them be too tight in certain areas. Wear them around the house at least, for a few times before the wedding day.

Forgetting to wear them in

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Obviously, on the beach, heels might not be the best idea. And in the grass! You may want to consider thicker heels or wedges depending on the terrain. The last thing you want is to be sinking into the ground all day or ruining your new shoes.

Shoes that don’t match your venue

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Choosing a style that you literally cannot walk in isn’t exactly ideal, as you will spend the day worrying about falling over instead of focusing on your happiness and joy on this day! If you NEVER wear heels, don’t start today.

Choosing height or style over walkability

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If you’re planning on changing into something more comfortable, then don’t actually forget them.

Forgetting backup shoes

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If there’s any chance that you or anyone else in the bridal party will get blisters, then having some tape or bandaids on hand can be really helpful for everyone! Make sure there are some on hand in your emergency kit. 

Forgetting heel savers, tape or bandaids

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