2023's Popular Engagement Ring Metals

Rings set in precious metals such as platinum and gold have been popular choices that continue to stand the test of time. Some of 2023's most popular engagement ring trends include white-hued metals and comebacks of classic gold shades.

If you're searching for a ring that matches everything, platinum engagement rings are a standout choice for 2023 styles. Platinum is an incredibly durable metal that offers a white sheen that can match any other jewellery.

For a more affordable platinum alternative, consider white gold engagement rings in modern styles. 14k white gold is expected to be the most popular metal for trendy engagement rings in 2023.

Yellow gold is also seeing a comeback, with many modern styles shining in this classic metal. Solitaire styles shine in yellow gold with warmer diamonds blending perfectly alongside the buttery metal. For even more romance in the ring design, opt for rose gold.

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