2022 Subtle Ways To Include Easter In Your Wedding 

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Extremely subtle, yet endlessly classic. This is a great way to incorporate Easter into your wedding theme. An Easter inspired table setting is a great way to effortlessly fill the table with stunning colours and beautiful greenery. With small nests with eggs inside, you can give your table that little bit something extra.

Easter Inspired Table Setting

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Don’t want Easter to loom over your wedding or reception? Then egg favours are for you! This subtle homage to Easter brings the best part of the holiday to your guests – the chocolate. These egg favours are a cute and simple aspect that everyone will be talking about.

Easter Egg Wedding Favours

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An adorable way to include Easter in your wedding is with a simple cake topper. Incorporating Easter’s most famous animal is a very subtle way to make sure this holiday isn’t forgotten in your celebrations.

Rabbit Themed Cake Topper

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A fun and quirky way to pay homage to Easter is through egg name tags. Use calligraphy on the eggshell for a rustic flair (and some pretty instaworthy pictures). You can also crack some pretty spot on jokes about all of your eggs in one basket (or maybe that’s just our thought process).

Easter Egg Name Tags

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Who doesn’t love mini Easter eggs? The small, bite-size chocolatey goodness is everyone’s favourite part of this holiday, so, why not add some to your wedding cake? You can’t go wrong with this subtle deliciousness.

Easter Egg Themed Cake

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Incorporating pastels or Autumn colours is a great way to pay homage to Easter. With some of the most gorgeous colours of the year, this is a fantastic way to subtly remind guests of your favourite holiday. Use dreamy pastel pinks and blues or deep reds and browns for a subtle effect that incorporates both the holiday and the season.

Spring or Autumn Inspired Colours

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Yum. Hot cross buns are truly one of the best parts of Easter. These delectable desserts will have your guests’ mouths watering as they chomp down on the warm treats. With different flavours and sizes, you can’t go wrong.

Hot Cross Bun Desserts

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