10 Trending Wedding Color Schemes To Steal In 2023

Gradient/ Ombré

With a gradient or ombré color scheme, you can make your space stand out by acknowledging the beautiful tradition from one color to another.

Indigo And Violet

Embrace the final two colors of the rainbow by pairing these purple shades together for one cohesively cool scheme.

Green And Off-White

Pair your green theme with off-white for a more subtle combination. This scheme can be a perfect fit for a rustic or outdoor celebration.

Light And Dark Browns

Combining both light and dark browns together can be a great option for a fall or outdoor wedding ceremony. This color scheme will give your big day a rustic or nature-inspired feel to it.

Sage And Magenta

Let your wedding scheme serve to complement each other. The light and charming tone of sage is the perfect match against the bright and bold tone of magenta.

Black And Gold

For a more formal mood to your venue, opt for blacks and golds. This theme will add a layer of sophistication to your ceremony and will serve as a great contrast to the bright white coloring of wedding gowns.

Cherry Red And Purple

Impress your guests with vibrant wedding color themes like this one. The bold pairing of cherry red and purple is sure to bring life to your venue.

Green And Pink With Black And White

This color palette offers a soft and elegant tone. It’s the perfect balance between natural and formal. As you begin planning the ways to use your chosen color scheme, don’t forget that your wedding invitations are the perfect place to start.

Salmon And Brown

For a rustic or floral vibe, salmon and brown can be a rather fitting duo. Decorating your space with wooden and floral decor can be an effective way to showcase these beautiful wedding color ideas.

Pink Gradient

Don’t just settle on a pink wedding when you can dazzle your guests with a pink gradient theme. Show off the beauty of pink tones by arranging your centerpieces, flower arrangements, and place settings to take on darker and darker shades as you move down the table.

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