10 Trending Wedding Color Schemes for 2023

Embrace every shade of blue by designing your venue with a gradient theme in mind. Get creative with this scheme by incorporating different shades of blue into your table settings or even bridesmaid dresses.

1. Gradient Blues

Let the color red represent the passion and love of your relationship. Pair your shades of red with a dazzling gold accent to let your wedding color palette shine.

2. Reds And Gold

Complement the bold coloring of raspberry with the subdued nature of a soft gray for a beautifully unique scheme.

3. Raspberry And Soft Gray

Wedding color schemes like this one are perfect for an outdoor or rustic-themed wedding. Take inspiration from the colors of our Earth by incorporating browns, greens, and oranges into your wedding.

4. Earthy Colors

Allow green, the color of nature, luck, health, and tranquility to take centerstage at your celebration. Balance your green scheme out with a lovely ivory accent to pull these wedding color themes together.

5. Green And Ivory

The combination of yellow and lavender is sure to create a happy and upbeat atmosphere. These joyous, bright colors are perfect for a springtime wedding and can make for beautiful flower arrangements.

6. Yellow And Lavender

Let your love of sunsets shine bright with a dazzling warm color scheme. Imitating the colors of nature is a great way to find some amazing wedding color ideas.

7. Rich Yellow, Orange, Red

It’s no secret that the colors of the sunset beautifully pair together, so don’t be afraid to use these bright colors as inspiration.

7. Rich Yellow, Orange, Red

With the bold jewel color of emerald paired with the elegant charm of blush and white, this color scheme will provide your wedding day with a sophisticated style.

8. Blush, Emerald, And White

For more naturalistic wedding color schemes, try keeping it simple with brown and pine green leading the charge as you decorate your venue.

9. Brown And Pine Green

This wedding color palette creates a soft and charming atmosphere. These colors are an excellent reminder that your color choices don’t have to be bright and bold to dazzle your guests.

10. Cream And Gold

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