10 Unique Ways to Honor Your Mom at Your Wedding


10. Try to take your mother’s advice

Many mothers secretly feel unhappy over the way their opinions no longer matter to their children. It can be a meaningful gesture to ask your mother for her opinion in a few key areas of the wedding, and to actually take her suggestions. Few things could make a mother happier.

Ask your mom to help you with the menu and guest seating. Or, ask your mom to help you choose the wedding decorations and bouquet as well as your wedding dress.

Your tastes might differ a lot, but you should never show that her opinion is not important to you anymore. Still, your mom is more experienced and she really knows some things better than you do. Do not neglect your mom’s advice and it will be the most precious gift for her.

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As you think of ways to honor your mother at your wedding, you could consider honoring her parents, too. It could be a special way to tell your mother how much you value every person in her life. Hopefully, these little tips will help you make your wedding day more meaningful. If you have other tips, feel free to share them with us.