10 Fall’s Hottest Wedding Color Schemes


10. Plum, Red, and Green

This eye-catching combination incorporates the bounty of the season and makes any fall wedding bold, rich and chic. A bouquet of stunning calla lilies in deep burgundy and plum combined with fresh greenery and blood red roses becomes the centerpiece for this dramatic wedding color scheme.

While it works year round, the rich hues work particularly well for autumn nuptials. Remember, that mixing colors from both sides of the spectrum gives you lots of room to play and be inventive!

When choosing wedding colors consider the mood you want to create and choose the palette, which corresponds to the location or theme. When everything is combined in a wise and stylish way, it doesn’t matter actually what color you opt for. Whichever the colors you choose for your fall wedding, keep the bounty and beauty of the season in mind, and you can’t go wrong.