10 Biggest Wedding Money Wasters


9. Elaborate wedding invitations

Wedding invitations are so expensive that you can easily end up spending $20 on an invitation with the works. It’s much more reasonable go with mass-produced invitations. Just because they are store-bought, does not mean your invitations can’t be classy and beautiful.

You can even find some designed by big-name designers such as Vera Wang! Ask you guests to respond via telephone or e-mail instead of adding a reply card or using usual postcards.

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With the abundance of arts and crafts supplies available out there, you can easily make your own wedding invitations. Surf the Internet to find interesting designs and invite your friends to assist you.

Wedding invitations are commonly sent in more than one envelope, but this tradition is no longer rigidly enforced. You can send your whole invite in just one envelope, which could really help cut postage costs!