10 Biggest Wedding Money Wasters


5. Acquiring a sizable set of groomsmen and bridesmaids

At some weddings, the bride and groom show up with a small army of attendants. While it may feel good to have of large posse watching your back, they can cost money. Even if you don’t shell out for the dress, you have to think of paying for invitations, gifts, bouquets, and places at tables. You can end up paying hundreds more.

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While a formal wedding technically requires up to 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen, you can easily reduce the number without making your day any less special. Weddings on a budget often have no ring bearer or flower girl, either.

If you are afraid to offend your friends, give them other special things to do on your wedding day. Some may help you with preparation, while others can perform an important role during the wedding ceremony.