10 Biggest Wedding Money Wasters


10. An extra large wedding cake

With their special decorations, wedding cakes can start out as expensive as $8 a slice. It’s easy to make a wedding cake very expensive by ordering a much larger size than you need.

Too many couples order wedding cakes to serve 200 when they only have 100 guests. A large cake is impressive, but it’s much cheaper to order a small wedding cake and to serve the guests a separate, simply decorated sheet cake.

You will significantly save your budget if you decide on a sheet cake. The ingredients are usually the same, but sheet cakes are plain and unpretentious in terms of decorations.

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Eliminating the top wedding money wasters can be a valuable way to get more money where it counts – the life that you need to build with your partner after the guests go home. With hundreds of ideas out there, you still can have your dream wedding without having to break the bank!

It’s up to you what expense items to include or to remove from this list, but you just should be aware of these 10 major wedding money wasters. What do you think the biggest wedding money wasters? Share your thoughts in the comments!