5 Asian Wedding Dress Styles


5. Bhutanese style

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Bhutanese wedding style is not as prominent as the styles I mentioned above, but still you can use some details of their wedding outfit in your own one. In Bhutan, wedding traditions are a lot different from those other cultures have.

For instance, the best man is a ceremonial guardian to both bride and groom. He plays an important role in entertaining the guests, and can end up doing it for a few hours. No wonder, the brides have a limited wedding dress choice. I couldn’t find any stylish Bhutanese wedding dresses.

If you are looking to have an Asian-inspired wedding, start your planning with a wedding dress. You do not necessarily have to spend a fortune on designer dresses; you can find some cheaper versions or make your own ones.

What is your favorite Asian wedding dress style?

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The article was translated from the author Elena Babich